First Post

I would like to start by saying… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve always wanted to start one, and for some reason I kept putting off.  But now I feel like it is something new and exciting for me to do, and I’m a mom now, which for some reason I feel like blogging is a mom thing to do. Ha. Anyway, I’m really excited to blog because I want to share my thoughts, feelings, and adventures of being a wife, mom, and about life in general.Writing has always been the way I express myself best, so why not start a blog? Hopefully you’ll find my blog to be inspiring, motivating and at times I hope to make you laugh!  However, I do have a problem with procrastination sometimes, so I hope that I keep up with it in a timely manner…. pray for my procrastination… sometimes I don’t know how I managed college. Well, thanks for taking the time and reading my first post… I’m excited! =)

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