Busy, busy bee!

Well, I haven’t posted since Valentines Day, and so much has happened since then! I’ve been meaning to blog sooner, but I’ve been crazy busy! Valentines night, my husband took me to dinner at Mr. B’s and it was delicious! We left Ava with my parents, and we got to spend some quality time together. I love being with my husband and I love eating at great restaurants in the city! Image

I also love to dress up and feel fancy =)

The following Wednesday, my sister-in-law, hubby’s sister, had her son! He is our first nephew and he’s just adorable! It is great the he and Ava will grow up so close in age together.

Ava needs me right now, so I’ll continue catching up on another post!! I really love blogging and won’t stop! So please keep reading!!

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