Anxiety and fear have been two of the biggest strongholds in my life. They have ruled over my emotions and have stopped me from pursuing many of my goals and dreams. In this series, I want to show you the part of my life that I’ve kept locked in a closet inside of my heart. It’s been hard to give up the key, but I must walk in obedience to the Lord and let you in. Let you in because there’s freedom in opening up about things that you have struggled with or are currently struggling with. Let you in because it opens up communication and makes you aware of the fact that you really are NOT alone. We are all human and have struggles whether big or small and life isn’t all roses. Part of me is excited and part of me is scared. However, I am reminded that I cannot live my life in fear of what people will think or say. What matters above anything else is what the Lord says, and if He says, “GO,” we must go!  After all, I have come to realize that we should not give anxiety and fear any credit in our lives. We must step into the joy and fullness that the Lord wants and intends for us! Fear and anxiety are two words that are not in God’s vocabulary. He speaks over us, words of encouragement, love and affirmation! 

He says we are:











He is longing to bring us to a place where we can have peace and hope! Dear anxiety and fear, step aside because you are JUST WORDS!